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Honda Civic audio modification share

2018-03-30 17:36:08

Since its debut in 2016, the Honda Civic has been at the top of the compact car market, and in recent years has been touted as an Internet celebrity, often recommended to young car owners. Appearance is the main reason that the Civic can stand out from the rest of the car. Its overall shape is very refined and the design is very stylish and sporty. The front face center net and headlights are connected as one body with chrome bars embedded in it and adopt a bold sliding back design, and a large number of lines are drawn on the side of the car to make the side look unique and angular. The rear of the car adopts the shape of C-shaped taillights, which is very personalized and memorable. The interior is also biased towards sports style, three-panel steering wheel design, 7-inch multimedia capacitive screen, operation response is fast, the center console highlights high-end, the use of soft materials wrapped, and the perfect integration of silver or metal decorative pieces, making the overall look more delicate and fashionable. The interior texture is more luxurious and technological. Honda Civic modification space is very large, many owners will choose to modify after buying a car, audio is also a part of it. Today came to Goethe car audio modification is a civic, owners want to get a better audio experience, we Goethe naturally is fully satisfied.


The front sound stage is upgraded with the American Bulker LU6.2 speaker set, which focuses on balanced and warm, mellow and precise natural sound. The alto sound is very real and natural, and the resonating sound of the cavity is accurate and thick. The 25mm wire film ball top vibrator driven by neodymium magnet can effectively reduce the distortion of the high frequency part and improve the lower frequency performance of the treble. The bass is mounted on the door panel


Treble mounted on tripod


The rear sound field chooses the same master of the same door, the sound of the full frequency band restored by this set of speakers is more balanced, clarity and transparency than the original car horn a lot, will give the listener a similar modified soft feeling, very comfortable. The Bulke DX650 bass is mounted behind the rear seats


Tweeters are mounted on the rear panel


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