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Honda Civic Audio retrofit + four-door soundproofing job

2018-03-30 19:12:08

The locally produced 8th generation Honda CIVIC has launched a variety of models to cater to the tastes of consumers in different countries, including a hatchback hatchback, a high-performance version SI, a hardtop coupe, a hybrid and a five-door saloon. The Honda Civic on the market comes from the same production platform as Honda's existing model, the Honda CR-V, and the two cars use the same chassis, which technically provides a prerequisite for Honda Civic's domestic production. The domestic CIVIC is the eighth generation synchronized with the international, and combined with the Chinese conditions of use and consumer driving and aesthetic habits of the new design, to "see, touch, driving, people feel excited" as the development concept, the power, economy, driving performance, indoor space, environmental performance as the characteristics of the CIVIC model. Achieve high quality emotional appeal. Domestic cars have something in common with Nissan cars in terms of sound quality, that is, the sound quality is not good, of course, these are only for those low-grade cars.


This modification is only to upgrade the four-door speakers and install a power amplifier in the home


The line is very important when the horn is modified, and the work begins: remove the door


Upgrade, the modified speaker will be more powerful, look at the picture


Add a power amplifier: four-way


After the door is removed, the first internal sound insulation is performed, although the entire door space is still relatively large, but the real inner sound insulation is still very troublesome, some corners are not so good, and have to prevent being cut


When the inner layer is soundproofed, the outer layer is easier to stick


The master began to modify the horn


With the horn installed, the doors are being restored


Finally, there is the position of the amplifier, which is usually placed under the trunk or some driver's seat


Finally, let's take a look at the installed amplifier. Homework is complete

Matters needing attention

Car audio modification upgrade should pay attention to the following points: be sure to find a professional car audio modification to determine their own music style, choose their own horn, amplifier, bass, host impact modification must deal with the noise, it is best to carry out the whole car soundproofing, this can better play the sound of the horn, so that you can enjoy the beautiful music more quietly.