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Hong Kong buy luxury watch gifts, teach you how to avoid being cheated?

2018-02-17 20:48:00

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, and in Hong Kong to buy luxury watch gifts, this must be more careful, because in recent years, many illegal businessmen in order to seek more profits, so that a lot of "problem parallel watches" impersonate in the Hong Kong luxury watch industry. Therefore, in Hong Kong to buy luxury watch gifts, the need to play up the spirit, so as not to be cheated. Below, by the small series to give you a few tricks, teach you how to avoid being cheated?


Beware of parallel trade mini eyes


Mainland tourists A Wen earlier in a parallel watch line, bought a famous brand watch of about 20,000 yuan, but the result was an unpleasant experience, "At first just to see the price, the salesman kept lobbying me, and said that there was no difference with the real goods, and said that this is the parity." Results Wen in the "buy parity" mentality, buy this "famous watch", Wen wore for a period of time, then sent to the watch Hong Kong agents polishing, the result agent said its watch case has been polished, is likely to be two watches. Although Wen had sought compensation from the two watch lines, "they insisted that the watch was 100 percent new, and that I had tampered with it, insisting on no compensation."


In recent years, more and more watch shops in the market, apart from dealing in second watches, have also engaged in parallel watches, and even the emergence of parallel watches, but it has also brought many problems. According to insiders, at present, there are only a few large watch houses or jewelry houses in Hong Kong with the right to sell major watch brands, but recently, many types or even watch houses that used to only operate two watches have famous watches for sale, and most of the products sold are parallel products.


Fill with new goods after refurbishment


"The original parallel are no problem, but many bad shops to maintain the two watches very well, when the parallel to sell, customers should be careful." Informed sources pointed out that these "problem parallel watches" mainly come from two aspects: one is the two watches imported from other places; The other is through the two watch line to recover the clock, part of the maintenance of good refurbishment, and then when the new watch is sold, "watches have a long history, especially individual popular Swiss brands, the market renovation technology has been very advanced, as long as the watch is not too old, after renovation, as new."


However, although the supply of refurbished "parallel new watches" is endless, the biggest problem is that there is no guarantee. Insiders admitted: "The watch guarantee is like banknotes, it is difficult to copy, so only from other aspects, some of the more backward places in foreign countries, there may be no regulations, do not fill in the guarantee to buy the watch, some of the table in Hong Kong will buy these guarantees transfer." What is more, the watch guarantee is also coveted by thieves, and once the guarantee is stolen, it often flows into the gray market. Insiders admitted that this kind of table line to attract the public to buy parallel watches at ultra-low prices, many limited sales of "limited" tables, can be sold at a price lower than the public price of one or two, "this price is impossible to do if it is a new table, if there are watches with this price, even if not fake, 90% is used."


Tampering with warranty information


Chan Kwok-keung, business manager of Chow Sang Sang Jewellery, said that manufacturers of luxury watches now have a series of measures to guarantee their products, especially the guarantee, which is increasingly sophisticated. In paper, watermark, and even printing have made a lot of efforts, imitation is very difficult, so illegal businessmen will only tamper with the information on the guarantee. "They can use very special techniques or potions to erase the handwriting originally written on the guarantee, although traces will appear after a period of time, but then the buyer has no way to pursue!"


According to some luxury watch agents in Hong Kong, in order to protect their interests, they do not encourage customers to buy parallel products, and if they find that customers purchase products that are not local sources and require maintenance, they will not be granted the original free maintenance concessions. For example, they will "set off snakes" from time to time, investigate whether the goods sold by the shops are local sources, and even offer high discounts.


Know how to check the table to avoid being cheated


"Problem parallel watches" flooded the market, the public can not be taken lightly when buying. The person in charge of the antique watch line operating second-hand watches said that the public should do enough "homework" when buying watches, in addition to collecting relevant information, but also know some tips to buy watches to prevent being cheated. "You can tell whether it is a famous watch by the copper pattern: if it is a new watch, through a magnifying glass, you can clearly see that it has a beautiful copper pattern, but after polishing, the copper pattern of the watch will be completely worn out of shape," he said.


In addition to the watch itself, you can not ignore the warranty information. "When buying, it is best to check in advance with the table bank that holds the sales license, understand the regional sales number stated on the guarantee, the number of the purchased watch, if the time between the purchase time is longer, it is best not to buy." He suggested that if the situation permits, the table can even be asked to open the case, check the inside, "if it is a genuine watch almost every part has a number or table mark, even to the original repair, will be marked with the repair number."


Tips for buying luxury watches:


● Check the watch body for scratch marks. ● Check whether the watch body has been polished with a high magnifying glass. ● Check whether the watch body number is a new product. ● Check whether the watch body number is the same as the number on the guarantee. ● Check the area number on the guarantee to know where the goods were originally distributed. ● If necessary, ask the table line to open the table to check whether the parts are original and whether they have been repaired. ● Patronize reputable lines, the safer way is to buy licensed goods.


"The heart of harm cannot be, the heart of prevention cannot be", the same is true for the purchase of watches and gifts, especially the more expensive gifts, the more the heart of prevention, after all, this is related to the interests. If you want to buy a good gift, but in exchange for a cheated shopping, this is "folded the lady and pay for the soldiers", stay more mindful, buy your good watch!