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Hong Kong online business 4G Singapore 7 Internet/call card overview

2018-03-28 03:12:33

Hong Kong CUniq online business launched 4G Singapore 7-day Internet/call card, to achieve the dual function of Internet and call.




Hong Kong CUniq online business


4G Singapore 7-day Internet/Call Card Card type and aging 4G Singapore 7-day Internet/Call card includes Nano, Micro, Normal three-in-one SIM card type, any can be applied. The SIM card is valid for 7 days from the date of activation, and the communication signal covers the whole of Singapore. 4G Singapore 7-day Internet/Call card is easy to use, just 3 steps to enjoy 4G.


2. Data traffic usage and network speed 4G Singapore 7-day Internet/call card provides network mobile data services and supports data sharing. When Singapore's daily data usage reaches the "Fair use data usage limit" of 200MB, the download speed will be slowed down to 128kbps and cannot be used for tethering and Peer-to-Peer services. But there will be another round of statistics at midnight the next day.


3. Call and SMS Charges This card contains a $40 voice service credit, which can be used to receive calls in Hong Kong and Singapore or to dial designated area numbers. In Singapore and Hong Kong, HK$2 for calls to Hong Kong, Central Land and Singapore; Call other IDDs for HK$6. Similarly, if you answer a call in Hong Kong from Singapore or Hong Kong, the charge is HK$2. In Singapore and Hong Kong, HK$2 is charged for each SMS sent to any region.


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