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House decoration strategy: furniture enter

2018-03-09 14:24:00

When the house is decorated, it must be necessary to look at the process of the renovation of its furniture, so at the time of this renovation, it is also a big item. So, do you know when the decoration, its furniture into the transformation of what matters?

Furniture purchase

For the selection of furniture time, you need to pay attention to, that is, after the installation of your water and electricity lines is completed, you will start to buy furniture. Otherwise you are a little later, after the decoration is finished, the construction team will spend time waiting.


Furniture size Furniture is a basic size requirements, be sure to look at the basic size of your furniture, do not buy, because the size of the home is not enough and there are accidents, so it is best to measure the size of the home in advance.

Purchasing skills

Choose the right brand of furniture. Look at the materials. Keep them consistent everywhere. Pay attention to the screws, you can see the material of the panel. Look at the skin on the surface of the furniture, whether there is a phenomenon of removal. Drawer open, dry degree, white degree, texture structure, texture tight, delicate degree, etc. Furniture components bearing strength, no cracks. Slide without torque, open tight. Accessories can not be lacking.


Furniture to touch the surface smooth, flat, no foreign body protrusion. Furniture feet lifted, no rough, paint painted in place. Press the furniture, no tilt or lack of support.


Furniture should be used to look at the back, the material of the furniture is not consistent with the front, and some furniture will be filled with inferior wood behind it.

Matters needing attention

When choosing furniture, it is necessary to look at the adhesion of the glue and whether it is tight. And can not appear the phenomenon of broken material. Look especially for hidden places, such as in drawers or on the back of furniture. The furniture is firm and does not loosen.


The degree of workmanship of the furniture is also optimistic, and some of the workmanship seems good on the surface, but the outside is not good. Therefore, look at the degree of workmanship, for example, there is no jumper phenomenon, there is no cover, etc., and the old can be seen on the surface.


The details of some furniture need to be seen clearly. It depends on the fineness, the feel, and the direction of the skin lines. When choosing furniture, it is necessary to look at the wood grain on the surface, and the surface traces of the furniture. Also, don't be cheated by merchants when buying and buy samples.


Material composition In some furniture, you look at the surface is a good component, but to the inside or the middle part or the back is other waste, so, to look good. The composition of the material, we need to compare. No lining, cause damage.


Dry with a good hand to touch the wood of the furniture, see the degree of dryness, if there is a phenomenon of return to the home, there will be the same phenomenon of return to the tide. This kind of furniture, easy to run, and easy to break.