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How about college students learn to cook

2018-05-06 04:48:09

Maybe five years ago, ten years ago, some people still think that going to college can change people's lives, but later, as it is more and more difficult for college students to find jobs, college students have lost the advantage of "God's favored children" in employment. With the development of social economy, more and more skilled talents are valued by society and enterprises, and people with one skill are more and more handy in finding jobs


Today, in the face of the new situation of employment, people's employment concepts have already undergone earth-shaking changes, people are no longer only to go to university, on the contrary, becoming a skilled person with solid technology has been favored by more and more people


As far as the teaching mode is concerned, vocational colleges that train skilled talents have long abandoned the traditional teaching mode and focus on cultivating students' practical ability to become professionals with innovative ability


In education and teaching, vocational schools adopt the teaching mode of combining skills with theory, focusing on skills and complementation theory. Through comprehensive skills training, students can meet the needs of enterprises as soon as they graduate


For example, at present, the famous Sichuan cook school - cooking school, on the one hand, pays attention to the cultivation of students' skills and provides students with more opportunities to learn and practice; On the other hand, we attach importance to students' comprehensive quality education, and regularly carry out colorful campus cultural activities to train students to become compound and professional talents who meet the needs of society


In terms of employment prospects, skilled talents have more employment advantages than college students and other highly educated talents. Nowadays, what enterprises need is not only college graduates who understand theory but do not know practice, nor skilled workers who only know how to practice but do not know why


What the enterprise needs is the technical personnel with culture, and the comprehensive quality talents cultivated by the vocational school are undoubtedly the high-quality talents with culture and technology suitable for the enterprise


Over the years, the employment rate of cooking school graduates has remained above 93.2%, and school graduates are highly sought after by enterprises, which is not only closely related to the booming development of Sichuan food and beverage industry, but also the result of the brand awareness of the school. The culinary school has nearly 6,000 students all year round


After one or two years of study in the school, the graduates are recommended by the school and assigned jobs to work in the employer. The students serve as master, chef, chef, executive chef and other occupations in the employer enterprise, and there are many entrepreneurial students to realize their dreams

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