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How about the cost of taking a free ride across a bridge or on a highway?

2018-03-13 08:00:26

When driving a free ride, sometimes you need to cross a bridge or a highway, etc., what should you do? Let's talk about it in detail


After we receive the free ride list, the owner should pay attention to the destination of the passengers first, and generally determine some routes, which routes are easier to go, which routes are closer or faster.


After determining the route in general, the owner should discuss with the passengers to see if he wants to go faster, or take the ordinary road slower, do not decide by himself, you must discuss with the passengers.


If the passenger chooses to take the highway or cross the bridge, the toll generated should be agreed with the passenger, the passenger needs to pay, because it is the road chosen by the passenger.


If the passengers do not pay the bridge toll, then the owner will not take the highway, after all, they can not pay more, there are regulations, the bridge toll passengers pay.


This page is based on experience


General passengers are able to cooperate, if it is really difficult, we should report to the situation in time, so that passengers can solve it.

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