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How can a cat be sent home

2018-03-19 14:24:00

How can a cat be sent home


1. Confirm the travel date, consult the documents required for the flight pet consignment, require a pet immunization certificate, and book the aerobic cabin. I heard from customer service that one plane has two aerobics cabins. 2. Call 114 to inquire about the needs of animal health supervision: 1 regular vaccine, 2 pet physical examination certificate, 3 residence permit or residence certificate, 4 personal ID card, 5 pets


3. Ask the brother of the animal prison for pet physical examination, first draw blood, and then send the blood to the physical examination for antibody detection. It takes three days to get the results, the paper proof. 4. Bring all the documents to the animal prison to apply for the immunization certificate. Need to fill in the flight.