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How can I interfere with the normal recording of the recorder?

2018-04-24 17:36:36

Recording pen can help us record some work, study or life things, can bring great convenience to users, which is why it is so popular now. However, if we are talking with others, maybe the conversation content or learning knowledge involves privacy and other issues, and we do not want these contents to be recorded by another person with a recording pen. There are many styles of recording pens now, small to as large as a pen, and if others are trying to record, they are generally undetectable. In this case, what should we do?


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Until now, many recording pen designs have been specially reinforced for this aspect, even if the motor and the recording pen are close to each other, the recorded sound will not have a large deviation from the actual sound. However, there are also some homes for the needs of users and specially developed a "voice recorder jammer", the use of this jammer can effectively interfere with the normal recording of the voice recorder.


In the past, we also used a pen jammer to test the effect of jamming the pen, and when the jammer was turned on, the recorded sound became so bad that it was almost impossible to hear people talking. This recording pen jammer uses the magnetic field principle and the radiation principle to specifically target the interference of audio recording. In response to these recording equipment such as sound recorder and tape recorder, the interference effect is still relatively successful. If you do not want to be illegally recorded when you are in a social conversation, then the most effective way to interfere with the sound recorded by the voice recorder is to use this voice recorder jammer is a good choice.