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How can round face girls wear thin face? This dress is super slim

2018-05-10 08:00:45

Many girls complain that they are round face, always give a person a feeling of meat, how to wear to have a thin face effect? So today we introduce to you the collocation skills, is to have a slimming effect of clothing collocation.


When it comes to V-necks, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is a shirt. Compared with the formal standing collar, the V-neck is more spontaneous and natural, and can easily concave different shapes.


The flesh-faced Michelle Chen will also wear her shirt in half at the event to create a V-neck effect. A pure blue shirt with a V-neck adds a touch of sexiness. From the shape of the whole body, because of the V-neck effect, the outline comes out.


Outside with a suit jacket is capable and elegant, with a knitted cardigan intellectual gentle. moonbasa deep V-neck long sleeve front piece chest pocket contrast bright line short front long back shirt


Lapel coats also add a sense of line and create a V-neck with a stiff collar. Round face girls can be easy to play handsome! Michelle Chen looked street smart in her denim jacket.


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Russian fashion blogger Angelica Ardasheva is another example of a round face. Put on a stiff suit jacket and add a fun color scheme to add naughtiness to the ladylike look.