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How do cats get cat moss repeatedly?

2018-01-01 22:24:00
Now more and more people keep pets, from which the number of cats is relatively large, the cat at home has been infected with cat moss repeatedly, how to do? First we need to find the reasons, and then solve one by one, please see the following precautions

Cats that are repeatedly infected with cat moss are usually sickly, and for such cats, we should strengthen nutrition and replenish vitamins in time to restore the constitution


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If it is a domestic cat do not free, so as not to infect from other cats to cat moss, because cat moss has a very strong infectivity, often just cured, and other wild cats mixed together, easy to repeated infection.


After the cat at home has been infected with cat moss, its cat nest should be disinfected, and the other environment of the home should also be disinfected with 84 often to prevent repeated infection


Do not give the cat to eat raw food fish or meat, now pet cats are not adapted to eat raw fish or raw meat, which contains too many bacteria, easy to cause repeated attacks of cat moss


A cat with cat moss should be exposed to the sun regularly to improve its antibodies and to disinfect and dry out.


If there are several cats in the house, if one of them has cat moss, they should be isolated to prevent transmission between them


When treating cats, people should also wash their hands frequently and disinfect them, and wear protective gloves to prevent transmission between people and cats.