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How do I connect to a receipt printer using an Android tablet?

2018-01-03 16:00:00

Now a lot of cash register software can be operated with a tablet, but the cash register is not only software, but also hardware, receipt printer, then how to use the tablet operation access receipt printer?


Cash register software


Receipt printer


First of all, you have to prepare a cash register software, no cash register software, tablet connected to the receipt printer is useless!


Secondly, make sure that the cash register software has a setting for connecting the receipt printer, so that you can set up the eligibility of the receipt printer


Step 3, enter the cash register software for [parameter Settings], find the parameter Settings, you will see [print Settings]


Step 4: Select the printer type. (Note: The baud rate of the serial port printer and the port parameters of the IP printer can be according to the default parameters of the software). Due to the interface connection problem of Android tablet, it is recommended to use IP printer or Bluetooth printing.


The fifth step, set the receipt print content, this part can also be modified, you can set the test several times, you can print

Matters needing attention

This operation leaves the default Settings of the receipt printer