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How do I get a free Keystroke Wizard Monthly card

2018-03-29 16:00:19

Touch the key genie for some time, found that some functions need the key genie member to experience, the key genie member week card experience time is too short, but temporarily do not want to spend tickets in unfamiliar circumstances to buy the key genie member monthly card (of course, Tuhao directly across). In an accidental inadvertent found a free access to key Sprite member monthly card experience, first share as follows:


Key wizard


1, in fact, the method is very simple, is to pay more attention to the button wizard forum is holding activities. Such as: the following opportunity to get the key wizard member monthly card forum activity content - share the specified content (as shown below)


2, pay attention to the forum activity requirements, otherwise it will be wasted. (Activity requirements are shown below)


3. Click to share (as shown below)


4, then a share option will pop up, select an option. (as shown below) For example, share to post bar, cloud collection, Tencent friends, etc. (In this case, I choose to share to qq space.)


5. Reply to the forum post with a screenshot as required and attach it (as shown below)


5. Then wait for the event to end.


6, the activity is over, the forum post will pop up [The activity is over, the reward has been issued ~] (as shown below)


Voila, the last one is my forum ID to get a free key Sprite membership monthly card. (as shown below)


Take a look at the forum award notice (as shown below)


Take a look at the forum inbox and receive the forum reward - free key Sprite member monthly card (as shown below)

Matters needing attention

Be aware of activity time limits