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How do I list a car?

2018-02-23 03:12:00

I believe many friends have also encountered such a similar problem, so how to solve this kind of problem? Here is the solution to this problem to share with you, I hope to help you.


Get the vehicle certificate, the vehicle certificate is very important, it is necessary for the brand of the vehicle, keep the triple invoice for the purchase of the car, after the purchase of the car, 4S will issue the triple invoice for the purchase of the car, be sure to keep it, and it will be used in the next listing.


Pay the vehicle purchase tax, get the tax, after the vehicle purchase, to pay the vehicle purchase tax as soon as possible, generally go to the nearest vehicle management office. Prepare a variety of documents, prepare the original ID card in advance, a copy (make several copies, for backup), non-local accounts to provide the original and a copy of the temporary residence permit.


Car registration and inspection of vehicles, after the formalities are complete, you can go to the car registration application plate, first of all by the special inspection of vehicles, mainly check the vehicle identification code, vehicle appearance, vehicle warning triangle plate, etc., to be prepared in advance.


After the selection, pay the fee and wait for the number plate, generally three or five working days to get the number plate.