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How do lasers cut diamonds?

2018-04-19 06:24:50

Now we use a very wide range of diamond knives, many of the Apple are the use of diamond knives, now Apple 7 with 300 knives oh, so let's see how to cut diamonds?


Diamond cutter, diamond clamp, wrench, diamond, projector.


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2. The next step is to call out our processing program, which can be written by itself, and the linear program is very simple.


3. The next step is processing, then pay attention to whether our fixture is placed in the specified position, and then the collection point can be processed.


4. After processing an edge, we can measure it. If there is no problem, we can try to see if we can cut it all.


5, next is 2 divided into 4, the same clamping, we use the same process, which can save processing time.


6. After processing, we need to determine whether the size of our processing is in place, you can save the program after processing, and the next step is mass production, it is very simple, if you don't believe it, you can try it.