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How do men style their hair

2018-03-19 01:36:23

Men's hair due to short hair, hair changes less than women, but through trimming, hair brushing or perm, combing, can also comb out a variety of beautiful, with male charm hair. Men's hairstyles are generally based on the length from the top of the hair to the hairline, and are divided into short hair styles, medium-long hair styles, long hair styles, and ultra-long hair styles.


Short hair style Short hair style is basically straight hair after rolling hair, cut hair to shape, the specific hair style has flat head, round head type round type three. Flat head type: also known as flat head or small flat head. It is characterized by short hair on both sides and back, rolling and cutting from the hairline upwards, short hair is a wave difference level, the tone is symmetrical, the top is slightly long short hair rolling and cutting into a flat shape, according to the top hair length, and there are big flat head and small flat head points. Round head type: also known as dome head or small round head. Features Similar head style, but the top hair is rounded. Flat round: also known as flat round head. It is characterized by absorbing the characteristics of both flat head and round head, and the surrounding hair has layers of tones, and the top is flat and round.


The two types of hair styles are basically the same, but the length of the hair is different, some are straight hair clippings and some are perm combing. There are many kinds of specific hairstyles, such as natural style and middle split style. Natural style: It is characterized by medium length hair, long top hair, forward drape, forming a sparse natural nib shape, both sides and back hair rolling up and cutting, forming a natural slope difference level, the whole hairstyle, soft lines, natural hair, simple and natural. Middle part: is characterized by long hair, the middle of the road, the front hair from the head to the sides, the root standing fluffy natural, both sides and the back of the hair up cut, there is a certain level and tone, which is influenced by Hong Kong and Taiwan singers in the 1980s popular hairstyle, also known as Hong Kong style, rich era of young people's new appearance. Running style: Characterized by long hair, side parting, big side hair rushed forward in the shape of a cap, both sides of the hair combed back, meeting at the back, smooth lines, chic shape, with a sense of male bodybuilding.

Matters needing attention

Knowing the classification form of men's hair, I believe that men who love beauty will be able to find a suitable hairstyle from many categories.