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How do vocational college students prepare for full-time higher education

2018-01-02 09:36:00
Many higher vocational college students because of the college entrance examination failed, want to enter the undergraduate school through the way of upgrading, but the full-time upgrading in principle is more difficult than the college entrance examination, Hongde Youai in the academic planning of students, often encountered these students to consult the problem of upgrading. Here are some of my experiences to share.

From the "Sichuan Provincial Department of Education on the selection of outstanding junior college graduates to enter the undergraduate stage of learning" issued by the Provincial Department of Education over the years, it can be learned that the promotion of junior college is mainly aimed at "excellent" unified enrollment of junior college students, then we understand the definition of "excellent" here will also be clear about the relevant policies of the promotion of junior college. Different from the college entrance examination, anyone can participate in the college entrance examination. According to relevant regulations, the registration qualification (reference qualification) is only 15%. This means that if there are 1000 students in a school, then only 150 people are eligible for reference. The final number of admissions is 5%, based on 1,000 students, only 50 of the 150 people referred to will be successfully admitted. Similarly, according to the professional division of accounting computerization, there are 100 people, 15 people can be referred to, and 5 people can be finally admitted. 1, school performance ranking in May each year is the major colleges and universities to organize the promotion of the examination time, before the final announcement of the reference qualification quota, generally according to the score of the first five semesters during the junior college ranking, the score from high to low ranking, take the top 15%. 2. Try to actively serve as the cadre of the student Union during the school period, which is a reference for obtaining registration qualifications. 3. Strive to obtain the award certificate above the level of the institute, which will be used as a reference basis for qualification. 4, can not fail, even fail record try not to have. (For example, in 2015, students who failed in Tianfu College of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics could not participate in the entrance examination). 5, the exam: the time is generally around the middle of May


College promotion to stratego, do not wait until the third year to begin to prepare. For freshmen, they should start preparing from the moment they enroll. The above has already mentioned to the students, the definition of "excellent" students, so if you start from the first year in accordance with the points of obtaining reference qualifications, the success rate of promotion will reach a high. For junior students can properly participate in special training, quickly improve the results of each examination subject can greatly increase the chance of admission.

Matters needing attention

Whether you are a freshman, a sophomore, or a junior, if you are ready to move up, you need to make adequate preparations in advance, and don't wait until the last semester to worry. Students should find their own position according to their current stage, understand the definition of the word "excellent", and do stratego.