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How do you get girls to like you

2018-03-18 06:24:38

Ignorant age, whether in love with someone regardless of the opposite sex or the same sex, always want to perform better in front of ta, do not show the diaosi nature is the best, cough cough, of course, radish cabbage each has its own good, maybe people like you kind of natural it. However, revealing the right personality at the right time is the most important thing, as detailed below.


Speak out boldly. Many children are shy of the people they like, but have you ever thought that if you don't take the initiative, people can know your heart? Boldness may be the reason she is about to appreciate you, just watch the movie youth. Don't rush, think about whether the time is right. On the occasion of the college entrance examination and so on, don't confess it first, bear it, really like her, don't delay her first, and go back to a good university with a good future to give her what she wants. On your own. If the NEEts rely on their parents' money to play with friends, maybe you are not mature enough, in the school then have the ability to rely on scholarships to buy her gifts ah, I believe that many girls will appreciate such a boy, the future is more important than money. After reading these, you may feel that the scope is a little large, next, more detailed.


Dress clean and get dressed. From a distance, girls look at boys at first glance as long as the hairstyle is not very old-fashioned and not very non-mainstream, even a simple buzz cut and clean clothes are very handsome, close to you as long as you are polite but not polite and overly attentive, not bearded, they are often willing to accept. Remember, personal hygiene must be a long-term thing, as long as you see a sloppy appearance, it is estimated that the image is still destroyed a lot [except for those who prefer you this mouth]. Next, when you get close to them, you can show your character, and you certainly don't have to look at open characters like funny guys. I'm talking about shy kids. In the face of the girl you like, be sure to be calm, flat and smile, if you are too nervous to say the wrong thing or shake the coffee down, etc., immediately clean up the mess and then smile at them [smile sunshine, don't be too creepy], scratch your head to find an excuse to walk away, if the girl sees you blush, then congratulations, it is easier to forgive. The first impression is always necessary, and the long-term view of you as a person doing things will determine her good impression of you.


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