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How do you plan your career

2018-05-04 09:36:43

The lack of planning in life is like falling leaves in the wind, east dry a little, west dry some, no planning; Although it will not feel in the short term, but over time in this era of skyrocketing, to see the rapid growth of people with plans around you, and you seem to still be in a circle, there will be impetuous, discouraged, self-abandonment, so that nothing can be accomplished.


First, get to know yourself and find out what kind of personality you are and what type of work you are suitable for. Finding a career direction that suits your personality is conducive to giving full play to your strengths; You can search the Internet for the Type 4 personality test to get a preliminary understanding of your personality in order to further understand yourself.


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Analyze your network: classmates, friends, colleagues, alumni... Consider the expectations of your relatives at home and your family network.


The direction is very important, if the direction is wrong, all efforts are wasted. All of them are integrated above to determine their general career plan, and the relevant success criteria, and detailed to the career theory, action plan, to the success of the judgment criteria, and subsequent career modification plan. (This step is the most critical, is a more systematic step, have the ability to ask the best professional guidance, or relevant reference documents for the framework to write their own planning)


Implement remembered career principles and action plans; To reach the ultimate goal, you need to work hard to learn and supplement various skills to make your experience relevant and grow.


Find a few friends and relatives, tell them about your plan, in the planning of each target time period, to assess the completion of your plan, whether you need to strengthen what skills or career corrections. (Considering people's inertia, finally ask a few relatives and friends to help carry out the initial qualitative plan together)


In the execution of the planned career, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of pressure, and it is necessary to analyze the problem in time when encountering difficulties; Or go online to find the relevant cracking method, not to stop or turn the direction when it is difficult.


If the overall planning is still vague and do not know how to start, the free evaluation agency to help evaluate; But this is usually more informal and not too personal.


If you can go to an authority, pay them to help you do an authoritative assessment, after all, this is a very systematic work, professionals do professional things, can do the most extreme things; After you have the direction, work hard in this direction, and a brilliant and colorful life will not be far away from you.