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How do you unlock a three-digit combination box

2018-04-09 20:48:53

The unlocking method of a three-digit combination box is usually as follows:


This information comes from experience


Turn the combination lock button in a certain order to test the correct password. You can start with 001 and try increments until you find the password.


If the first number is 1, leave that number unchanged and try the other two numbers on that basis; If the first number is not 1, move the first number to the end and try the other two numbers.


After trying one possible password combination each time, pull up the handle or press the unlock button, and if the password is correct, the box will open, otherwise you need to try another password combination again.


It should be noted that when trying passwords, you need to be patient and careful, not impatient, and try slowly step by step. In addition, when there is no progress during the attempt, it is also important to check whether the password has been changed by mistake.