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How do you wash white clothes and get mascara on them

2018-04-21 09:36:02

Mascara is a cosmetic applied to the eyelashes to thicken and deepen the color of the eyelashes. The texture of mascara can be divided into cream, liquid and paste. The use of mascara can make people's eyes look bigger and more energetic, has always been an indispensable makeup for girls who love beauty. However, when applying makeup, you may accidentally get mascara on your clothes, which will make your clothes black. Especially for white clothes, if you accidentally rub it may be a large black stain on white clothes. How do you wash white clothes when mascara gets on them? As for getting mascara stains on white clothes, we must clean them in time. A friend recommended a good way to easily remove mascara stains on white clothes. If there is a lot of mascara on the white clothes, first we should try to wipe off the surface of the mascara, and then wash the white clothes. How do you wash white clothes?





  Laundry detergent


When the clothes are dry, apply the blue Moon hand wash detergent to the stain, do not wash immediately, leave the clothes for 5 minutes, and gently scrub.


After gently scrubbing the mascara on white clothes, we will find that the mascara stain is basically removed. Finally, we use laundry detergent to wash the whole garment regularly, and the stain is completely invisible.


This information comes from experience


Still afraid to get mascara on your clothes every time you go out to do your makeup? Don't worry, mascara stains on white clothes can be easily fixed. Try the above method, easy to solve the problem of how to wash white clothes, really effective, happy to go out!