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How does a Fit for less than $100,000 get blown into a car?

2018-03-26 20:48:46

What's the difference between a young man who doesn't buy fit and a salted fish? I usually like to see, come into contact with the God car party, I do not mean the public, the user is always Ivy League graduate, how can like the public? I mean Fit. This is what a Fit engine looks like.


On top, you can feel it like this.


This is what Fit's space is supposed to look like.


Yeah, you can feel it like that.


In addition to its strong power and invincible sense of starting to push back, Fit's space is comparable to MPV after the magic seat, and it is also surprisingly durable. In, you will see such a dialogue - topic 1:80,000 yuan budget car recommendation; Answer: Buy the Fit. Topic 2:50,000 yuan budget car for recommendation; Answer: Add 30,000, buy the Fit. Question 3:150,000 budget car recommendation; Answer: Fit, use the rest of the money for modification. What's the difference between a young man who doesn't buy fit and a salted fish? So, how did a Fit of less than $100,000 get blown into a car?


GK5 is the third to fifth frame number of the Fit, Gk represents the new 15 models of the Fit, and 5 represents the displacement of 1.5. The people who buy the Fit as a fit, and the people who buy the Fit as a GK5, are two completely different types of people. GK5 buyers won't even look at the Polo. Why? We compare Fit with Polo, Yaris and Fiesta, and the configuration of the four cars is 70,000-80,000 yuan. The Fit crushed its opponents with 131Ps, worthy of its GK5 name.


And the fuel consumption is also very touching, second only to the dazzling.


In terms of maintenance costs, because the Fit is self-priming, the cost is higher (the data is 60,000 kilometers).


Big data from the car home shows that the Fit is stronger than its rivals in space and power, and its control, comfort, appearance and interior are all inferior to its rivals.


To sum up, we can draw such a conclusion: Polo: high sales, all indicators are moderate, the appearance is in line with the aesthetic of older users; Fit: The engine is superior, reliable quality, poor comfort, ugly interior; Dazzling: fuel consumption touching, large space, simple configuration, insufficient power; Carnival: first-class handling, good comfort, high fuel consumption, beautiful interior. The big data of the car home is closer to the real situation - it can only be said that the Fit is a god car in power, and the four A0 class cars can be said to have their own advantages. But if you want to do a survey of these four cars, of course, you will come to another conclusion. So, why does the Fit get blown up on top?


Most of the main user groups are post-90s, and many young people in this age group are in the stage of having their first car in life, and the car purchase budget is not very high; The pursuit of personality, elders like German, so they like the "opposite" of German - Japanese cars (Lexus is also very hot); The pursuit of driving pleasure, so pay attention to strong power. Therefore, in the small car level, the fit with high horsepower, low fuel consumption, large space and low price has indeed become their first choice. When this group of users now have a family and need a car with more space, the god car in their minds may not be the Fit. Finally, in the last two pictures, if you are old, or rich, and still drive the Fit, you can really be called a Fit fan (the figure below is Mark Zuckerberg, the fifth richest person in the world, he has two cars, the Fit and Acura TSX).