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How does excel Partition lock a worksheet

2018-04-26 09:36:38

In our daily work, we use excel for document storage or computation, and data security becomes very important. Today, I want to show you how to partition lock worksheets in excel to protect data security.


A computer with excel software (Excel 2007)


An excel sheet with a record of your grades (this is just an example)


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Next, we select the Review - Allow the user to edit area in the menu bar (because the editor uses excel2007), the specific location is shown in the appendix image


Next, you need to click the "" button in the" Allow users to edit Areas "dialog box that pops up. The interface is shown as follows:


After clicking "", the" New Zone "dialog box will pop up. All you need to do is enter the title name in the text box below the title, such as Test Area A, then enter the area password and click OK


After clicking OK, an interface will pop up, "re-enter password", which is a way of password verification, that is, to confirm the password.


By analogy, select the "E:H" cell area and repeat the operation in the above method to lock the cell area, as shown in the following figure.


Then, return to the "Allow users to edit areas" dialog box, click the "Protect sheet" button, the following interface appears, enter the password used to disable the sheet protection, and finally click OK.


Finally, our sub-zone lock is complete, now we just set the input in the partition, will pop up the "Cancel the lock area" dialog box, input the correct password can be modified, the interface is as follows.


Congratulations, you have successfully completed the zone lock worksheet, ensuring the security of your data!

Matters needing attention

Never forget your password after setting it


The password must be the same before and after the two times, because it is the way to confirm the password