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How does htc view the model

2018-04-24 14:24:38

HTC International Electronics Co., LTD., referred to as HTC, brand name "HTC". Founded in 1997, it is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of tablet computers. A founding member of the Open Handheld Alliance. And Taiwan's famous Via electronics are brothers. How do we check the model number of the HTC we purchased? Maybe you think it is simple, but I will tell you a few more practical and convenient methods.






Packing box

Method 1: View through the packaging box

If you still have the box you bought, it will have the model number on it. This is the simplest and quickest way. My own picture is not very clear, please forgive me.

Method 2: View by information

Open the Settings options as shown below:


Drop down to find about options.


In the Select device information, your model number is listed here

Method 3: View the IMEI code

That's the truest piece of information. First, enter *#06# on the dialing interface to find the IMEI code, or you can also see the IMEI code as shown in the previous step.


HTC support Open the first URL.


Enter your IMEI code, enter the verification code, click to query


The information I queried is as shown in the figure: According to the IMEI you provided, the information I queried is: Model: HTC desired A8180 Place of sale: UK Date of Release: 2010/11/10 Thank you for your support to HTC as always. In order to improve our service quality, we will carry out a customer satisfaction survey when you exit the page. Please give your comments so that we can improve our service quality.

Method 4: Using the PC software

Install software such as Zhuo Master, Wandoujia, 91 etc. on the PC to connect to the computer. The model number and basic information will come back in a moment.


The driver will download automatically, please do not interrupt before, wait patiently.