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How does King of Glory get a hero?

2018-05-07 14:24:29

King of Glory is now a lot of people are in a game, and many people familiar with the League of Heroes is very similar, even if many of the friends of the league of Heroes are also playing King of Glory. Similarly, playing King of Glory is also the need for role heroes, how to get heroes, here to play King of Glory partners sorted out the way to get role heroes.



King of Glory


Heroes can get gold coins after logging in to the game every day, and can get gold coins through friends, and will get gold coins after the game is over, but the amount of gold is different each time. You can also buy gold coins, which of course costs money.


Heroes can also purchase diamonds by signing in and giving away diamonds through the system.


Third, through the purchase of coupons hero coupons is more extravagant, must be purchased through money to be able to obtain.


The hero sign can receive hero fragments, of course, you can also get hero fragments in the activity, when the hero fragments reach a certain number of heroes can be exchanged for heroes.


There are two ways to obtain heroes through "raiders", one is through the voucher "raiders", one is through the diamond "raiders", this depends on their own luck, there are a lot of uncertain factors.


Get heroes through friends can let friends give heroes, of course, gift heroes are purchased through money.


In the event of looking at glory, heroes can be obtained by completing the event, which is also uncertain, because there is no knowing when there will be an event.


There are some fixed game tasks in the system of King of Glory, and heroes can be obtained by completing the tasks of the system in the game. END

Matters needing attention

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