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How does psychology live with itself

2018-02-15 22:24:00

It is often said that understanding to understand the work can go further, but at the same time, the more understanding too understand will make their lives more tired, the existence of human nature, selfishness, etc., in the face of these is to face indifference or ignore it?


Often hear such words, "dumb people have dumb luck", said is his luck, but also said is to see the attitude of the problem, and personality on the simple, psychology is the study of human nature, is to others is also to their own, which we can learn this "dumb people", do not have to do everything true, sometimes confused people can live some happy


There are two sides to things. While studying others, we are also introspecting ourselves. In this process, we will gradually form the habit of being strict with ourselves, comparing every little thing we do with others, and choosing and judging the most appropriate approach. How can you make your life more comfortable


Both sides of human nature, the same thing will often appear two reasonable answers, so you can use this to change the improper way to find suitable behavior


The study direction of psychology, there are words in the Buddhist theory, the degree of people first, only let their own form to get the norm in order to convince others, but to know the purpose of learning psychology, life will have many shortcomings, psychology is a knowledge, but also just a job, do not take it too seriously


In this course of psychology, there are very different, the same course of different people learn, get the conclusion is not the same, can also be said to see how to look at the psychology of this course of study


Psychology let themselves fully understand the problems of human nature, a small behavior can show the meaning, the deeper the understanding, in getting along with people may be more difficult to face is their own, will directly spread out their own evil, for this should also be more understand, how to put their own

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