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How does rolex identify authenticity

2018-03-30 08:00:42

Watch authenticity identification is indeed a hot topic, and now the market is full of fake watches, some businesses are more and more outrageous. In ordinary times also need to understand some small skills to judge the authenticity of your watch.


First of all, we must be very familiar with the movement model and movement logo used in the real watch, and if we meet the false watch at the bottom of the transparent watch, we can distinguish the authenticity at a glance. Secondly, we should carefully observe the words of the movement, the word engraving of the genuine movement is clear and beautiful, and the fake watch is rough and has no aesthetic feeling. Finally, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the performance of the movement, such as the chain mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), the sound of the movement when it travels, etc.


Look at the back label to look at the label at the bottom of the watch, usually there will be a brand logo on the label, and there is a watch model number identification. Some watches will also have laser laser anti-counterfeiting on the bottom label


With the maturity of e-commerce, now buy products online, you can also directly identify by querying the product's anti-counterfeiting code, which is also a guarantee for buying watches on the online platform, especially the watch official website. For example, in the official website of Ruihuachi watch, as long as you enter the unique anti-counterfeiting code of the watch and query on the official website, you can easily identify whether the watch is a real watch.


The process of the dial hand is the most telling problem in the identification of the watch, the pointer of the fake watch is rarely done well, the place of the needle flag is suspended, the needle is uneven, the brightness is not good, the edge of the needle is not clear. For example, the tail of the second hand of ROLEX is circular, while the fake watch is flat, and the second hand of some quartz watches is thickened in order to balance. Table plate and English mark, scale. The printing of the real watch is very unique, the paint is very bright, and the printing is very high. A fake watch can't do that. It is often seen that some fake watches have blurred printing and cannot be completely covered.


The details of the professional grade watch identification, to remove the appearance and movement parts of the inspection, the most inappropriate place: the strap of nails, sets, strap section. Because even the most fake does not do these places, these parts have significantly different places from the original table. The spring of the watch connects the elastic peg of the case to the strap. The spring of the fake watch is generally purchased, so it is different from the real watch. In addition, the handle head of the real table is also very different, and the installation process is not the same. If it is a gold watch handle head is also gold, and the fake watch may be steel color, generally no internal teeth. This can be seen by pulling out the watch handle.