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How does submersible pump measure good or bad # Campus share #

2018-04-19 03:12:21

Submersible pump how to measure good or bad, Xiaobian tell you.


First of all, dial the digital meter to the maximum range, use the red and black pen to pick up the resistance value of the three wires and the pump motor housing, (the iron must be good) the resistance value measured the closer to infinity the better, if the resistance measured is close to zero or tens of euros for the ground short circuit.


How to judge the capacitor is good or bad method, the general digital multimeter has the function of measuring the capacitor, the two pins of the discharged capacitor can be directly inserted into the Cx jack on the table board when measuring, select the appropriate range, you can read the display capacity data. If the capacitor is good, the capacity value of the capacitor will be close to the value picked up by the multimeter.


This page is based on experience


Single-phase submersible pump has three terminals, use a digital multimeter file to measure the resistance value between the three wires, the maximum resistance between the two wires capacitor in parallel, another wire (common end) connected to one end of the power supply, and then use the multimeter's electric block to measure the resistance between the public end and the two ends of the capacitor, the resistance value is slightly larger end is the other end of the power supply.