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How does Taiwan build cross-border e-commerce

2018-03-16 22:24:39

The essence of e-commerce is the channel in fact, e-commerce to put it bluntly, is the channel of the online world. Therefore, if an e-commerce business has been staying, then his points are gathered together, becoming a big black dot instead of becoming a line and plane, in Taiwan's small area, these points are basically difficult to become a line, directly become a "relatively large point", which is less meaningful for the nature of the channel. This is also why when the local e-commerce to achieve a certain scale will begin to actively plant flags overseas, the more scattered the point will be connected together in the future to produce more surface effects. We often say that the disadvantage of offline entities is that they can reach limited customers, but in fact, the customer base of online e-commerce, due to relevant regulations such as trade gold flow, he also has a great regional, think about how many Americans will go to Taiwan e-commerce website? (Leaving aside the local e-commerce sites and goods mostly only support the national language) So although the network is not far, but in fact, the real operation, you will find that the local station is a necessary means. At present, the cross-border e-commerce operation mode in Taiwan mainly includes overseas purchasing, global transnational e-commerce, and overseas direct purchasing of local transnational e-commerce. Overseas purchasing mode: Purchasing website (that is, the purchasing version of B2B2C):Myday's operation mode is that consumers go to websites (amazon, South Korea gmarket, Japan Yahoo/Lotte), enter the product page, give the product page URL to the purchasing website and then they are responsible for purchasing. Myday has been connected with ebay in the United States, yahoo Auction in Japan and Rakuten in Japan, so it does not need to provide product page urls, but uses the commodity browsing method of general websites for shopping. Charge method: commodity fee + service fee + international fee + fee +(not necessarily charged, depending on whether it is drawn by the customs) tariff. A partial advance payment is required. Overseas shopping range: China, America, Japan and South Korea. Purchasing matchmaking platform (that is, the purchasing version of C2C): The way to run the passenger gang platform fits both users. The buyer first puts forward the demand order (need to pay a deposit), and the buyer receives the order to earn commission. Overseas shopping scope: worldwide. Global channel layout strategy of multinational e-commerce: Global multinational e-commerce: Japan's Rakuten Global Market operation model allows Japanese sellers to sell goods abroad. Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese when consumers choose Chinese, and then search products in Chinese, the goods are all changed to Chinese (but can not Chinese + English search, that is, if you want to use English, you have to change the language Settings to English) benefits are: Low cost, no fees, but some goods can not be shipped to Taiwan (severely restricted by trade regulations) Overseas shopping scope: Japanese multinational e-commerce local station overseas direct purchase: The purchasing method of NeweggTaiwan is the same as the shopping experience of the general shopping website in Taiwan. The products of in the United States are mainly promoted by the overseas direct purchase model. Consumers do not know that they are using overseas shopping from the user experience. The freight is divided into two modes according to whether the goods have been purchased from overseas and the goods have been stored in Taiwan Newegg warehouse. The freight/tariff has been completed before the checkout to help you try to calculate, without waiting for the quotation. The strategic layout of cross-border e-commerce in terms of Newegg and Rakuten, the author wants to pay more attention to the reason is that the above other purchasing platforms, is to introduce the world's goods into Taiwan, basically commodity flow and passenger flow are locked in Taiwan, but Newegg and Rakuten are in a two-way flow direction. For these two multinational e-commerce enterprises, it is important to "flow", is the concept of living water, there must be a behavior to exist, the so-called platform is nothing more than to have buyers and sellers, someone to buy and someone to sell, but the general purchasing website control is "buyer (buyer/buyer demand)", for the seller he is low control. You should know that the invention of the network is to make information transparent, that is, to make the "intermediate links" as few as possible, and the purchasing website arises spontaneously because of the arbitrage opportunities generated by the trade barriers of various countries. To see the world is not enough, but also to the world to see you can do this is also the author in the beginning of the article repeatedly emphasized the concept, e-commerce is no different from traditional retail is doing channel business, it must become a line, to become a surface. At present, the positioning difference between the two e-commerce companies is very obvious; As for the future of South Korea's Gmarket, the United States' Amazon and the mainland's, whether they will join the war remains to be continued attention. The Tower of Babel in the Internet, there is a small link in the operation of cross-border e-commerce is very important to the author: communication language. From the current access to cross-border e-commerce in Taiwan (apart from cross-strait e-commerce transactions). Newegg and Le Ball have made efforts in the localization of language, but both sides have an area to improve :1. Some are not Taiwanese at all, and as mentioned before he can't search English + Chinese at the same time; 2. Taiwan Newegg explains on the inside page that not all products have Chinese versions. The type of language provided shows how much an e-commerce wants to do transnational e-commerce, or to serve "local people in foreign countries", from the description of the goods to the use of size, these details are why "the earth is flat" for e-commerce is a goal that is still being worked on, even if the network's tentacles are not far. "When Shouting to go to the world, the world has already quietly walked towards us" cross-border e-commerce market is an unavoidable battle, and now overseas e-commerce players are actively entering the market to attack Taiwanese want to buy overseas goods, how to look at Taiwan e-commerce with MIT(Made in Taiwan) logo, to join the global retail war. Whether it is to connect the local e-commerce line, or then weave into the surface, it also needs the Taiwan people to work together on the entire supply chain.