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How does the computer play Blu-ray disc

2018-04-26 22:24:27

Blu-ray is the main carrier of HDTV high-definition movies, high-definition bit rate Blu-ray movies are now more and more, high-definition picture quality brings us a very good viewing experience. But playing Blu-ray movies on a personal computer requires a lot of preconditions, how do we experience the visual feast of Blu-ray on our own computers? Here are some lessons to share:


Personal computer


Blu-ray driver


Blu-ray player


Blu-ray specifications reached 1080p (1920x1080 resolution), the machine performance is more demanding, so to play Blu-ray movies on their own personal computer, to have certain conditions, the following is the Blu-ray drive official recommended configuration (preferably better than these conditions) : CPU: Core Duo T2700(2.33GHz)/Core Duo E6300 (1.8GHz) or higher Memory: 1 GB or higher Video card: Nvidia7600GT or ATI X1600 or higher Hard disk free space: 30GB or higher Sound card: 16 bits or higher


Check to see if your computer supports Blu-ray with cyberlink's software. Download and install Cyberlink BD Advisor on your computer to check if your machine's hardware fully supports Blu-ray playback. If one of the tips does not meet the requirements, it may not be able to play. The graphics card is the most important, and other items do not necessarily determine whether they can be played, just how good the effect is.


To play Blu-ray HD movies, you also need the most basic dedicated drive. Installation is the same as the installation of ordinary optical drive, or more convenient.


System support, and after the driver, you have to look at the display, not the display screen is large and wide. Blu-ray has HD copyright protection, only supports the HDCP protocol display can support Blu-ray movie playback, please note. HDCP, which stands for "High bandwidth Digital Content Protection", is an anti-piracy technology.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Finally, just find a Blu-ray movie. Playing Blu-ray discs is very easy, just like regular DVD discs, just follow the prompt to set up a simple OK.

Matters needing attention

The graphics card is the most critical, and the CPU and memory can only determine the fluency of playback, not the factors that determine whether Blu-ray can be played.