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How does uc Big Fish from the media make money, Big fish turn to open income skills

2018-03-29 01:36:41

Many people want to make money from the media is to see some friends around them in the video, heard that they made a lot of money, and then began to plan to do this, indeed, the headline number has achieved a lot of people in the past two years, more than 20,000 people a month, some friends around unconsciously made hundreds of thousands of money a year, it looks like you can easily earn money by doing nothing all day. It does make you think.




So, in 2018, is it still too late to shoot video and do self-media? I think it's still too late, but it's not as easy to do as before. Since the end of 2018, many people have joined the media army, and some young people have been left in each village to shoot videos of agriculture and rural areas at home. Various media trumpets have sprung up, and a large number of new registered users have come in, which is expected. As long as the New Year is a new beginning, it will speed up the process of maturity of a project, just like doing a public number in 2017, it will not work after the year, because the cake is only so big, there are more people, and the platform will naturally change the rules.


This is why the headlines recently adjusted the rules, canceling the novice period but adding the experience period, and applying for the original label requires 5,000 fans, which increases a lot of difficulty. 5000 fans For most people, if you are not very high quality content, it is very difficult to add powder, which also blocks a large number of people in the low-income population. So it's not too late to do it now, but you have to have something new, and the content is vivid and simple and close to nature, so that it is attractive enough. Rather than the first is "everyone, I am xx" too much, tired of watching, no fresh.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Everyone can be the media, but not everyone can do a good job of the media first into the line has a great advantage, they gathered a large number of fans, less than tens of thousands, more than hundreds of thousands of a day income is very normal, if put now everyone starting line is the same, who does well is not necessarily. Do we media luck is very important, courage is second, the rest is some shooting skills, title skills. The purpose of doing we-media is to make money, if you can make money without the need to shoot video is also OK?


The purpose of doing we-media is to make money, if you can make money without the need to shoot video is also OK? Many people think more fixed, when they see others taking videos, they think they must also take videos, but the timing and luck are not the same, and now follow others to do not necessarily have a return. Our purpose is to make money, and we can actually make money by understanding the law of making money from the media. Headlines, hundreds of these self-media platforms rely on the amount of play to earn traffic money, the more people who watch to give you more subsidies, so our key point is to increase the amount of play. There are many forms of video, shooting video is only one, editing video is an exception. If you can't shoot it, you can try.


Any industry is the same, the more to the back of the competition, the higher the threshold, but the good people have made money, the rest are excellent people. Continuous learning and strengthening one's own ability are the most important, doing we media is just a beginning, not the end, we media is not a lifetime career, 1-2 years may die out. It's just an opportunity. There are many opportunities in life, many people who make tens of thousands of dollars a month do we media, but it does not mean that you are so lucky for a long time, even if the people who do not do we media, a month's salary of 20,000 more, so it is not a big deal. A stable job, perhaps more reliable than the media. There are mountains outside the mountains, people outside the people, these small profits in front of you, for now you may stimulate your nerves, but for white-collar workers along the city, this money is really nothing.


Said a little disorganized, indeed many people like me, do the media every day staring at the benefits, has formed a bad habit, immersed in the world of self-satisfaction intoxicated.


Generally speaking, video we media is relatively simple to operate, if the eloquence is particularly good, good at making videos, the suggestion of media is preferred to use video we media.


I have been doing we-media for so long, and then the biggest feeling is to do video we-media, we must pay attention to the use of some software. In general, professional video is divided into several will use software such as computer graphics to operate. But for many white people, the mention of this software is already confused, and then back off, give up the field.


Do video media, and then combine some simple software, and then it is very simple to do, every day to take out about half an hour can record two 5-minute videos. If you want to use software to record related videos, but you do not know how to operate, you can pay attention to me, more content I will share on time every day!


The media that do the video must have a continuity, that is, before each talk, talk about what the previous episode said, and then what? So what are we going to talk about in the next video? Then, maintain a persistence, and then develop a good habit every day, take out half an hour to an hour of time to record, and then operate a good account is enough.

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How does uc Big Fish we media make money,


I have three years of experience in the operation of the media, share with you, we can learn together.