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How is the microcrystalline composite background wall made

2018-05-12 17:36:51

3D microcrystalline composite tile /3D microcrystalline composite floor tile is made in this way: 1. First, UV flat printer is used to image color printing on glass through UV digital inkjet 2. The printed glass and tile are combined by hand in the glass glue machine 3. Use the edge grinding machine to smooth the edge of the composite product Note: 1. The manual composite process can save the investment cost of the composite machine (30-40,000 yuan). The result is almost the same as that of the composite machine, and the scrap rate is lower. 2. If you do not want to increase the glass edging machine, you need the glass provided by the glass home to be the same size as the tile, and the error is very small. It is recommended to add a glass edging machine (about 20,000 yuan).