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How many common kinds of fish to buy how tasty and safe

2018-02-19 14:24:00

When we buy fish, we generally consider the number of people in the family, and ignore the ideal weight and safety of the fish. Same fish. Smaller ones are safer. Because they are young, they accumulate less harmful substances in their bodies. However, if the fish is too small, it will have more thorns and less meat, and it is inconvenient to eat. Is that a struggle? So, what is the ideal weight of several common fish? Silver carp: Choose 2~3 catty weight. Suitable for burning, steaming, etc. In particular, steaming and oil immersion can best reflect the characteristics of light and fresh flavor of silver carp. Fat head: Choose 4~5 pounds of weight. Fat head fish head is big and fat, the meat is white and tender, the most suitable for doing chopped pepper fish head or fish head hot pot. Crucian carp: Choose 0.5~1 catty weight is good. This weight of crucian carp meat is the most tender, but also slightly sweet. Braised, steamed or soups are delicious. Grass carp: Choose 3~4 pounds. Grass carp of this weight have fewer spines and are easier to eat. Can do Sichuan flavor pickled fish, grilled fish, grass fish tofu and so on are very delicious. Carp: Choose 1~2 catties. This kind of carp has the most tender meat. Braised carp, sweet and sour carp taste very good. It should also be reminded that after buying live fish home, it is best to raise it for a day or two. If the fish has been killed, it is recommended to soak for about 1 hour, and it is safer to eat.