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How many times a year can I apply for car insurance?

2018-04-05 19:12:07

In recent years, the number of cars is increasing, road traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, coupled with a lot of just got a driver's license can not wait to get on the road to experience the fun of driving more and more friends, so the phenomenon of driving on the road there are bumps and bruises is not uncommon. Most owners have their own car insurance, so say the accident will find insurance to settle claims, but some owners will still question, car insurance a maximum of several times a year, the number of times will not affect the premium? For the calculation of car insurance premiums, car owners can use the following car insurance calculator. Simple and convenient, accurate quotation. Report regardless of the number of times but affect the renewal price in theory, auto insurance report is regardless of the number of times. But all car owners have an insured amount when they are insured. For example, your car is insured for $100,000. The total amount of maintenance several times can not exceed this number, and once it exceeds the insured solution, the excess part needs to be borne by the owner. There is also a situation that some owners have reported more than two or three customers, if the amount of each report is too large, such owners are likely to be included in the ranks of the investigation whether to cheat insurance. If it is serious, it will be pulled like a blacklist. The next year insurance will choose not to insure such owners. In general, in accordance with the current relevant provisions, if the owner's record is good, the customer who does not make claims every year will be discounted in the second year of auto insurance, if there are accident records, but not a lot, not more than three times or more, in the second year of auto insurance will not enjoy the discount, but if the owner frequently has a big problem, then the second year of insurance, There is a risk that premiums will go up. Insurance experts warm tips in general, if there are some small accidents, the owner can solve their own will not cause too much economic burden, for such a small accident, it is best not to report to the insurance, but choose to deal with it. Because if the owner of the accident report more, the second year insurance, the insurance price will be much higher, and may be insurance will give you the insurance amount or project, if the owner does not accept, the insurance may not give you insurance, because the risk is too great. Therefore, the owner should not have an accident, even if it is a small accident to find insurance claims, insurance is quick to give the compensation, the owner thought he got a lot of benefits, so that the owner only temporarily tasted the sweetness of insurance car insurance, in the later insurance when the owner will find that this is a big mistake. Owners should also pay attention to one point is that if someone else touches you, if it is the other party's full responsibility, at this time the owner does not need to report the risk, should be compensated by the other party's insurance to you. In fact, there is no fixed limit. However, once the insurance is reported more than three times, there is a risk that the premium will rise. So the car owners have weighed this carefully.