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How short is Jolin Tsai? The last one lit up

2018-02-22 09:36:00

For a long time, the height of stars has been one of the main topics that people talk about, the key is that many stars are tall and short, really unpredictable, so it is easy to arouse people's attention. So, do you know the exact height of each female celebrity? Let's take stock and PK together.


For a long time, the height of female stars is very mysterious, when high and short, star girl Huang Shengyi, looking at high, at least 165.


But in fact, standing with the TWINS, she is half a head shorter. You know Gillian is only 160CM. Maybe because Huang Shengyi has a long face, he looks tall.


Tang Yan is thin and tall, 168+ nature is there, and Hawick Lau on the same stage, in order to take care of the male lead, but also deliberately wear flat shoes. And Yang Rong is black from head to foot, especially those high heels embarrassing!


Have to say, Fan Bingbing she can be so red must have a certain reason, group teammates have a trick ah, they are already high, but also set such a sky-high bun.


Wang Ziwen's official height is 162cm, and you know it is not credible when you see the photos.


Even if you wear shoes with a little bottom, it is still far from standing with Wang Kai. However, Wang Ziwen's clothes and street photos are really beautiful and fashionable.


How tall was Queen Currie in her childhood? Just look at this picture.


The last one, CAI Yilin's head to Zhang Zilin's chest there, this contrast is too terrible. Wearing shoes to increase CAI Jolin also to Gu Tianle chest there.