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How to accept imported sanitary ware? Acceptance criteria for sanitary ware

2018-04-07 06:24:01

After the completion of the decoration, what needs to be done is to accept and meet the installation standards in order to improve the utilization rate of the product. Take imported sanitary ware as an example, users need to personally accept, from the details of the reference product convenience and installation correctness.


Check the bathroom cabinet for the bathroom cabinet mainly includes three aspects: a, flexibility inspection, the bathroom cabinet can be checked for flexibility, whether they are flexible, frictionless, whether the door is smooth and so on; b, the sealing edge should be firm, the sealing edge of the bathroom cabinet protection needs to pay attention to, you can check the cabinet and door panel sealing edge, whether bulging, tearing, etc.; c, the contact should be tight, the distance between the table and the wall should be sealed, otherwise it is easy to store water before the cabinet and the wall.


Check the floor drain and shower room for the floor drain to see if it meets the requirements, the water on the ground flows to the floor drain, there should be no residue. The shower room should be strictly assembled, the appearance of the shower room is clean and bright, the baffle door and the sliding door are parallel to each other and vertical, the two moving doors are convenient to open and close, close without gaps, and do not leak water.


Check that the bottom foot of the standing basin or table basin is firmly connected to the floor, and the bottom foot is sealed around the installation with silicone without leakage. The platform basin should be firm, the wooden cabinet can be used under the stable support, the platform basin without cabinet, the application of iron frame and wall fixed after holding, the platform basin plate against the wall to make the surface layer of the block material to block the water riser is generally 8~12cm, and the installation is completed by the wall and the basin around the silicone seal, no leakage.


Check seat toilet pit distance is reasonable, if the pit distance is too small water tank into the wall, the use will have an impact; The toilet should be firm and can be fixed with expansion bolts, not wood screws. Some toilet seal rubber gasket instead of sitting slurry, after the installation is firm and then sealed with silicone around.