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How to achieve professional growth of psychological counseling through cross-examination of psychology

2018-04-07 22:24:59

For the growth of psychological counseling, almost all experienced people's advice is that you must have enough enthusiasm for psychological counseling, and you also need to consider the early investment, time costs and material costs. Now that you know this, if you still want to be a consultant, I hope the following will help you.


Planning for postgraduate entrance examination


Institution selection problem


Postgraduate planning problems: 1. Choose the right direction. Psychology postgraduate examination points academic and professional master, academic, many schools are still based on scientific research, the content of scientific research and many topics have little to do with consulting, so if you want to take the test, it is recommended to choose the academic application direction, or professional master. The latter is the country in order to cultivate practical talents and a separate direction, the exam content is not the same as academic, because the time is relatively late, there are various misunderstandings in society, but in general, the professional master training of famous universities is also very good, and there is at least half a year of internship opportunities, which is more grounded than academic. 2. Choose the right college. General psychology of famous schools, Beijing Normal University, Peking University, East China Normal University, South China and other colleges and universities consulting are good, there are some schools such as forestry university and medical university also have famous teachers in town, but some of these famous teachers may not directly with a master's degree, if you can read their students' graduate students are also great. 3, clear the purpose of postgraduate entrance examination, make corresponding planning. A lot of times what you plan to do is not the same as what actually happens. In order to realize your ideal, you must have a phased goal in terms of career planning, such as when to get a certificate, when to systematically learn a certain consulting technology (in addition to classes in school, there are training courses in the society), when to do personal experience, and when to start accumulating cases. These are all need to be planned, combine your planning with graduate training, and find a balance point this is also very key.


The problem of college selection in Chinese psychology is generally normal colleges. Therefore, China's better psychology includes better psychological counseling institutions, which are generally Beijing Normal University and various normal universities (East China, South China, Central China). In addition, if you look at the direction, Sichuan University fine points, Zhu Jianjun intention dialogue, China Medical University Yang Fengchi are also very famous consultants. It would be great to learn from them. In addition, I sincerely recommend that you choose a good school in a good region, so that employment is the most guaranteed, even if you can not have both, it is also recommended that you consider the colleges and universities in the region, because the development of psychology is better in the north, if you graduate students can make good use of psychological counseling in these areas, the future career path development is still very good. If you're in a bad area and you're studying counseling or psychology with an average tutor, then... If you want to continue to take the road of psychology, then take a doctoral exam, if you want to directly employment, there is no internship experience, then enter the enterprise is troublesome. In this case, you have to have a bunch of conditions stuck in you, and you have to have people (of course, many girls around me have gone to graduate school in psychology, and they are choosing schools or educational institutions to work).

Matters needing attention

You have to look beyond the entrance exam is only one aspect of realizing your career plan. In counseling, don't expect to learn well just in school, it's impossible. Regarding the specific postgraduate entrance examination questions, I have a lot of information about the postgraduate entrance examination of psychology in my space, welcome to visit