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How to apply for visa extension in the United States

2018-04-03 03:12:26

After going abroad for medical treatment for a period of time, if you still need to stay in the United States for a period of time to continue treatment, then you need to apply for visa extension. In order not to delay the treatment of patients abroad, you need to apply for visa extension.


Immigration record card


Extension application form


Economic proof


Apply at the nearest local immigration office.


Submit the following information: Extension Request Form: I-539 Application for Extension/Conversion of Nonimmigrant Status Immigration Record Card: I-94 Card printed online. Letter from the United States stating the applicant's reasons for the extension. Extension fee: $120 Related financial proof: The amount required to demonstrate sufficient financial means to maintain the extended stay period. This can be a bank statement or a financial guarantee proof of departure arrangements: a copy of your return ticket.


CBP electronically generates the entry record when the patient enters the country, and it will automatically enter the CBP database. When a person with a non-immigrant visa enters the country, he or she will receive a paper sheet, which will give the link to the official website of the I-94 page, and he or she can go online to find his or her entry record and print it.

Matters needing attention

Obtain 3 to 6 months upon entry with a B-2 visa, so apply at least 30 to 45 days before the date on the I-94 Immigration record card expires


Dress and speak carefully when signing in person