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How to appreciate the watercolor animal painting "Musician"?

2018-03-31 11:12:12

Painter Henriette Ronner is a master of animal painting, and her paintings include many cute cats, and this watercolor painting "Musician" is one of the masterpieces, which is in the collection of the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands.


Museum painting


"Musician" is a watercolor painting of animals, the mother cat with four kittens playing beside the guitar, the cat painting is lifelike, although only a broken string instrument, but describes the family atmosphere into the painting, the cat naughty is polite. Let's start with some basic archival information about the painting. Name: The Musicians (or: The Harmonists) Chinese Name: Musician Painter: Henriette Ronner Year: 1876-1877 Original Material: paper, pencil, watercolor (paint) Size: 34.3 × 45.4cm Collection Link: The Rijksmmuseum of the Netherlands A family of cats together, each kitten has its own characteristics, now we take a look at each cat painting method.


The mother cat sat on a cushion with her feet, and beside her there was a kitten on the same cushion. Mother Cat is the only big cat, it is hunched in a sitting position, the color of black, white and brown mixed, a closer look at the watercolor pen painting of the fur is clearly raised, the cat's tail hair is slippery. In the white area of the cat's body, there are some light brown spots, which are preserved from history, but they blend in with the coat color and are not obtruding. The cat's ears are very big and cute, but the most fascinating thing is its eyes, green eyes are the most prominent of all cats, shining like gems on the screen. It hides the first kitten on its side, and its timid look is endearing. He looked out of his mother's body, as if he wanted to come out and play but was uneasy about his environment. The kitten's short legs are in stark proportion to its mother's size.


The two cats standing on the music sheet are black and white, the white cat's fur is mixed with obvious brown, and the black cat is a little naughty, playing with broken strings in his hand. Compared to the meticulous handling of the big cats, the two kittens emphasized their form, one wanted to play the strings but did not lift his PAWS, and held his head high. The black cat was the same, but it had touched the broken string. The cat has to shine slightly under the eye and is depicted in detail, while the body hair is painted in thick ink. The kitten's legs show strength and round to support the weight of its body.


Finally, the cat hid in the guitar, only half of his body showing. In fact, each kitten has a carefully depicted head, but each cat poses differently, this cat is only painted in the sound hole, the body is slightly hung above, the kitten's PAWS are white, and its fur color is more like its mother. The kitten's newly born fur can be clearly felt in the picture.


Look at the guitar and the chair. The guitar is depicted in the blockbuster with its own wooden feel, and the edge is slightly refined from the era. A few strands of broken string, only one string is still in place. The black neck of the piano is not shiny black, but more light ink, it is leaning gently against the cushion of the chair, the cat's play did not let it fall to the ground, may be blocked by the wall. The chair is made of wood, inlaid with soft cushions of the same hue, with a round chair surface and round support on top of the book, and one of the chair feet appearing on the floor behind the book reminds people of the structure of the chair.


On the ground are placed books and music, the large cardboard shell should be related to music, and the scattered movement is the cat as a play toy under the foot, sitting on it can be comfortable.


Wood carved wall painting pattern, the painter is not very particular, but also fine portray the work and quality of the wall. Look closely at the painting of the wall, are painted with pens and colors at will, wood columns and walls to make concave and convex, three-dimensional sense is not very strong.


The color pattern carpet on the ground mainly uses a slightly green vertical brush to draw the weaving sense of the carpet, and the color and ink of the pattern can make the carpet feel thick and durable.


In watercolor painting, such a lively and interesting portrait of animals and cats, "Musician" is indeed one of the best, the cat is lifelike, the composition is complete and full, the story of a cat family, when no one sees, is recorded in the painting as such, which is deeply loved.

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