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How to arrange a trip to Peng Lang Yu

2018-03-25 01:36:34

Go to Gulangyu Island known as "sea garden, Qin Island", visit the Sunlight Rock, including Qin Island style, bird watching performance, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Wanguo architecture, etc.

Penglang Island tourist attractions

Sunlight Rock: commonly known as "Huangyan", located in the south of the middle of Gulangyu Island, 92.68 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Gulangyu Island. According to legend, when Zheng Chenggong came here in 1641, he saw that the scenery here was far better than the Sun in Japan, so he broke down the word "Huang" and named it "Sunlight Rock". Climb up the stairs, climb to the top, the wonders of the mountains and seas, the scenery is unlimited, Gulangyu, Dandan, Erdan Islands can be seen.


Shuzhuang Garden: The Shuzhuang Garden was built in 1913 on Gulangyu Island, facing the sea and leaning on the Sunlight Rock. Originally, it was the private villa of Lin Erjia, a famous local official. The owner named the garden after his word "Shu Zang", and dedicated it as a park in 1955. Shuzhuang Garden was cleverly arranged using natural terrain, and it was divided into two large parts, the Sea Garden and the Busshan Garden, with orderly views. The garden was on the sea, and the sea was in the garden, with the exquisite elegance of the courtyard and the majestic sight of seagulls flying, which greatly complemented each other. There are also 44 Bridges and 12 holes in the park.


Aberdeen Hou Beach Beach: On the broad beach of Aberdeen Hou Beach, the sand is fine and soft, the slope is gentle and the sea speed is low and there are no sharks. The sea temperature is above 20 ° C for five and a half months every year, the swimming season can be as long as half a year, there are two tides every day, and the swimming time is more than six hours. It is an ideal natural beach with good scenery, good sand, good water quality and good climate. A variety of service facilities are available, and there are yachts and motorboats and other water recreational programs.


Gold Coast Island Road: One side of the island road is the sea, the beach and the green belt, the other side is the island and villa, is one of the city's scenic road around the sea. The construction of the ring road has been pursuing the purpose of "seeing the sea near the sea, leaving the most beautiful beach for the people", some by the mountain near the sea, some Bridges across the sea, some through the stone and drill holes, the construction starting point is high, the standard is strict, fully reflecting the characteristics of the subtropical scenery.


Ring Island Road marathon statue

Peng Lang Yu tourist food

Steamed osmanso fish, Steamed shrimp with garlic, Steamed steamed crab with glutinous rice, Octopus with earth and bamboo shoots frozen, tin fragrant Golden Thread Eel, sea cucumber and Clam soup, braised fish maw, Stewed vegetables in soup, pot Baby turtle soup, traditional noodle paste, Cantonese double dim sum, silk Miao white rice, smooth sweet soup, Jin Pan Mei Sheng fruit. END

Warm reminder

The beach at Aberdeen Back Beach is a beach, but it is recommended that you do not swim in the sea due to the limited visiting time. Prepare your beach shoes and play in the sand on the beach. 2. Seafood related precautions: (1) When eating seafood, drink some white wine and rice vinegar, which has the effect of warming the stomach and disinfecting; (2) Arthritis patients eat less seafood; (3) Seafood should not be equated with grapes, pomegranates, hawthorns and persimmons; (4) Please do not consume a large amount of food rich in vitamin C (such as vitamin C tablets, oranges, orange juice, etc.) within two hours before and after eating seafood, otherwise it may cause food poisoning or other adverse reactions. END