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How to avoid colds

2018-04-21 11:12:41

Cold is a very uncomfortable symptom, winter is the high incidence of cold, accidentally you can catch a cold, then how to stay away from a cold, the following Xiaobian says how to stay away from a cold.


1, Breathing fresh air In a good air quality environment, breathing fresh air can effectively prevent the respiratory system from being attacked by the cold virus, indoor as far as possible to keep the window ventilation.


Second, eat more high-calorie food in winter, especially in the northern climate, affected by environmental factors, the body immunity will decline to a certain extent, you can eat more high-calorie food, mutton, beef, carrots, apples, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and other meat fruits and vegetables.


Third, nasal cleaning every morning or evening when you wash your face, wash your nasal cavity by the way, you can effectively remove the bacteria and bacteria in the nasal cavity, and prevent the virus from causing respiratory system infection through the nasal cavity.


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Five, less stay in public places crowded places, especially the space is relatively closed, easy to cause cold infection, so stay less, especially coughing and sneezing people, cold high season to take personal precautions, go out can bring a mask.


Six, pay attention to rest fatigue will lead to a decline in body immunity, adequate sleep time can alleviate body fatigue, improve the body's immunity and resistance, so we must ensure adequate sleep time.