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How to avoid the earthquake to achieve self-rescue?

2018-05-04 06:24:24

The earthquake is very terrible, the crazy shaking of the house, and the possibility of accidentally being crushed to death, small wrote an experience of how to avoid self-rescue when the earthquake comes, hoping to help people protect their safety when the earthquake arrives.




Dodge to save yourself


When the earthquake comes, most people's hearts are full of fear, feel uneasy, do things are very unreasonable, then we have to adjust their own heart, keep calm, do not panic, think about what to do.


Many people are afraid of losing their lives will desperately run away, but thinking of running away will occur a lot of people stampede and crowding events, not only was not killed by the earthquake, but between people to trampled to death, in order not to happen these unnecessary things, we must concentrate on their own home to find as far as possible to avoid the place.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Four: do not use the elevator when the earthquake comes, certainly the circuit is short circuit, if people think of a way to quickly escape by taking the elevator, the elevator runs to half is not running, but locked in the elevator in the air is very dangerous, so please refuse to use the elevator when the earthquake.

Save oneself

The toilet room is built small, relatively strong, you can hide in the corner of the toilet when the earthquake comes, the triangle is the most solid shape, can bear a lot of weight, generally hiding there are no things, will not be hit by what.


Two: The small room at the landing of the stairs is also a small area, the shape of a triangle, stability and firmness is better, and there will be nothing to hide there, holding the head in the hands, to protect the skull from being hit by what, and then waiting for someone to rescue.