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How to become a repeat student

2018-05-06 16:00:23

What did the secondary school teacher tell you about becoming a repeat student


First of all, confirm whether they have the qualification to participate in the re-study: (1) Hukou requirements: city hukou, the introduction of talent residence permit points up to 120 points, blue seal hukou (cw9), the children of provincial and municipal office staff, investment in Shanghai large enterprises, Meishan, Datun coal mine and other rear bases; (2) Age requirement: No more than 18 years old at the time of high school entrance examination. Specific can consult the municipal education commission in the admission office


(1) Students who have received the admission notice from high school and secondary vocational school (technical school, vocational school, technical school) will not be affected by the entrance examination and admission in the following year as long as they do not go to the admission school; (2) The files of the admitted students who have not gone are in principle returned to the district recruitment office in November (the students who have not returned the files will go to the admission school and put them in the recruitment office); Cross-district candidates need parents to go to the original district recruitment office to take it, and send it to the current district recruitment office (in the middle school exam in 17 years)


Choose the relevant re-entry school: Zhongfu teachers suggest that students conduct a field visit and comprehensive evaluation of their favorite school, including: facilities, teachers, etc., and do not trust others too much


Repeat: Take the relevant documents, materials, etc. to the relevant school


Finally, the teachers of the second Polytechnic University remind all students to re-study: (1) to participate in the unified examination of junior high school graduates and previous students enjoy the same treatment, the policy is equal, for all candidates, there is no extra points, volunteer to fill in the application and other discrimination; (2) About the physical examination: 1, the examination organization: the registration office of the district where the candidates apply for a unified time and place; 2. Exam standards: Test standards and requirements are consistent with fresh graduates. 3, score statistics: the usual score given by the school when the fresh students (15 points), plus the unified test in the district (15 points)