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How to book train tickets with a lighter

2018-04-18 01:37:00

Many friends may not understand the specific process of lighting train tickets, here is a look at how to use the lighting train tickets.


An Android smart/Apple IOS with Internet access


First go to the app search tower to download the app, the lighting icon is as follows, find the following icon on the desktop and click the icon to turn on the lighting.


Log in to 12306 account


Enter the main interface of the lighter, click to select the starting point and destination respectively, you can also click and enter the text to search for the corresponding station, and then click to select the ride time. (The current pre-sale period for train tickets is 60 days!)


After the selection of conditions, click the search button to enter the query results page, select the choice of excess tickets and click to enter the seat selection page.


After selecting the seat, the detailed order information will appear. After selecting Add passengers, click Submit order to enter the payment page. (If there is no passenger, you can click 'Add new passengers' to add new passengers) You can choose mainstream payment methods such as China Merchants Bank.


After the successful payment, the payment success page will pop up, and the train ticket will be booked successfully!

Matters needing attention

Before booking, you must log in to the 12306 account first, so that you can book the ticket.


In addition, you can register a lighter account and bind a 12306 account, so that the next purchase of tickets will be more convenient.