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How to build advertising Zhihui push

2018-03-15 11:12:21

Zhihui Push is Tencent's integration of information, entertainment and other Tencent quality media, for regional enterprises to provide "product effect integration" marketing and promotion services, based on big data mining, the enterprise push rate to the target users in multiple forms, to achieve accurate advertising, greatly improve the advertising effect.


Wisdom push account


After opening Zhihui Push promotion, log in with the registered account password, the interface is as follows:


The premise of establishing Zhihuitui advertising is to establish an advertising series, the operation steps are shown as follows:


In the interface after entering, fill in the campaign name, set the total budget and daily budget, and select the payment model, generally select "CPC", that is, pay per click, fill in, click "Save and create ads".


Click "Save and create advertisement" to enter the interface, and then fill in the data according to the requirements, save it.


Note: The red box mark in the picture means that you can fill in the promotion products according to your specific situation. If you want customers to enter the official website, choose "website link", download the APP, and choose "App Treasure download". The advertising form is also filled out according to your needs. Note: The orientation condition needs to be inside the orientation package, as shown in the figure:


The bid can be the same as the proposed bid to upload creative, creative material is your product map, or game map, etc. After the creative upload, click Save, so that your advertisement will start to run

Matters needing attention

Image size: 230*152,50KB or less, jpg format


The length of the AD title depends on the selected media, usually 13-22 words


Pay attention to the exposure and click of the advertisement at any time, and modify the creativity or delete the reconstruction of the advertisement with poor effect