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How to build pecs at the gym

2018-03-19 16:00:00

First of all, we must know the principle of muscle growth, muscle is impossible to grow out of nothing, the only way to make muscle growth is to stimulate it, we can effectively stimulate the muscle through resistance training, so that the muscle fiber is broken (don't worry, the muscle fiber is very small break has no effect), and then after nutrition intake and rest, the original broken muscle fiber will be connected, At this point, the attached muscle fibers will be thicker and more resilient than before, and the cycle will build muscle






Butterfly machine


Warm up by running for 15 minutes, then stretch your chest and start training.


Barbell bench press: First of all, choose the appropriate weight to be installed on the bench press frame (it is better not to fake), then sit on one end of the bench press board, open your feet and toes outward, lower legs perpendicular to the ground, slowly lie down so that your eyes are directly below the barbell bar on the barbell frame, the back is close to the flat plate and the waist is naturally arched, and your hands find the appropriate holding distance to hold the barbell bar so that the two sides are the same distance (ring grip is used). Thumb clasped index finger and middle finger), wrist as straight as possible, hands to push up (push the front against the shelf to weigh the weight, if appropriate to push up) push to the chest is above to make it do up and down movement, down to a punch from the chest, to the elbow slightly curved, the elbow to both sides of the movement, breathing mode is: up and down.


Dumbbell bench press: Choose the right weight dumbbells, sit at one end of the bench press board, open the toes of the feet outward, the calves perpendicular to the ground, put the dumbbells on the legs, people lean back at the same time the legs lift the dumbbells to the chest is above, adjust the body so that the back is close to the flat waist naturally arch, elbows to both sides, so that the dumbbells do up and down movement, down to the level of the big arm, the vertical forearm, the elbow slightly curved. Breathing mode: up breathing down breathing. After a set of exercises, lift up your legs and put the dumbbells on your legs to play an auxiliary role. If there is an emergency, throw the dumbbells directly to prevent injury.


Butterfly machine chest clamping: adjust the movable valve to the motion state to make both sides symmetrical, select the appropriate weight, sit on the board with your feet open and your toes facing outward, your legs perpendicular to the ground, adjust the height so that your legs are slightly above the level, raise your head, hold the handle with your hands close to the backrest, and make it do a forward and backward arc movement, so that your hands are close to the front and hands are not in contact, and the gravity plate is close to the back. Be careful not to shrug your shoulders. The breathing mode is: forward exhalation and then inhalation.

Matters needing attention

All movements were performed 4 groups of 12 times each, each group interval was 1 point, each movement interval was 2 points.


Stretch and relax after exercise.


Supplement the appropriate amount of carbon water 30 minutes before exercise, and supplement the nutrition 40 minutes after exercise.