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How to buy and sell funds

2018-06-11 04:48:00

Last November just began to contact the fund, the interim investment fund also taught a lot of tuition fees, I believe that for the friends who just entered the industry investment, teaching fees are inevitable. The most important thing is to sum up the experience.


The fund account should be opened


Buy the fund first purchase rate can save a lot of money, if the official website is the purchase can be 40% discount.


The purchase of funds depends on the type of fund products, as shown in Figure 1 below, the type of fund is index, the risk level is high risk, and the most important thing to buy and sell funds is to see the ability of individuals to bear risks.


Secondly, look at the fund ranking, although the past performance of fund products does not represent anything, but at least you can see whether this base is a good fund. Of course, this does not mean that good fund performance can make money, as long as you can help yourself to make money, we can say that it is my good fund, and then a good fund, if you do not operate well, you can not make money.


Secondly, we have to look at the fund holdings, as shown in the following figure, what are the types of fund holdings and how many are the holdings, which we should focus on.


After paying attention to the most basic information in front of us, we should also pay attention to the net value of the fund, and we must be careful when buying the fund operation, and we must know how to stop profit and stop loss. The general rule is to pay attention to the types of funds to buy according to the national market, such as the current Belt and Road fund products, as well as financial environmental protection and medicine sectors are focused on the fund, and trading must be focused on oh. Generally, when you buy a big drop, when you sell a big rise, this degree should be grasped.

Matters needing attention

Investment is risky, so be careful. Capital preservation is the most important thing in an investment fund.