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How to buy baby tickets online

2018-03-03 06:24:00

For parents who are willing and want to take their babies out, airplanes are quick and convenient. In Fox's home Niu Niu is just one month old, in order to more quickly and conveniently return to the hometown thousands of miles away, Fox chose the plane as a means of travel. Before going out, I searched a lot of baby flying strategies, and thought that I could smoothly take the baby to fly, but still because of some unknown emergencies that need to be solved. Fox here to share the personal experience of buying tickets for Niu Niu, I hope it can be helpful to you.


Bank card


Ticket purchase website account


Baby's birth certificate/baby's ID card


Go to the ticket website to find the flight you need to complete your journey,


Call the airline's service to make sure baby seats are available on this flight. To ensure baby safety and quality of service on board, the number of babies is limited. Usually, but popular routes are often full.


If you choose to purchase tickets on site, please call the airline first to check if there is an airline information desk at your departure airport. If not, you have to book tickets. If you have all the relevant documents, you can directly buy the baby ticket at the airline's information desk.


Baby tickets cannot be purchased separately and must be tied to an adult. The seat of the infant ticket is the same seat as that of the bound adult


If you book a ticket, call the service of the airline, book the ticket, and complete the booking according to the guidance of the service staff. It's best to book your baby's flight before you leave.


But Fox bought tickets online and had already given out boarding passes. Unable to buy a ticket,Fox returned her boarding pass and, after successfully purchasing the baby ticket (preferably with a credit card, which is quicker to bill), took all the documents to the counter to issue the ticket