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How to buy car insurance

2018-03-15 22:24:50

Car is a more commonly used means of transportation in our life, due to the rapid development of society, from the original bicycle motorcycle development to the current popularity of cars, or quite fast, then the insurance industry is also quite good, how do we need to buy car insurance?






First of all, it is more important that we understand what kind of insurance is generally available, which generally includes traffic insurance, vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle personnel liability insurance, excluding deductible, theft insurance, water insurance, natural insurance, etc.;


However, for whether the insurance is divided into, traffic force insurance and commercial insurance, traffic force insurance is mandatory by the state, but it is not recommended that the owner only report traffic force insurance;


If you are a novice car, how to buy insurance? Xiaobian believes that first of all, according to their own actual situation, if you want to save a little bit you can choose a cheaper price, must be regular, generally cheap then there are limits, that is, less compensation for the accident, it is generally recommended not to save this money, choose big;


After the purchase of new car insurance, it is very important to choose which items are insured, because the full insurance is still more expensive, so it is necessary to understand the general compulsory insurance and three risks, the responsible person on the car, less than the deductible insurance is to be paid;


The value of the new car is relatively high, so the commercial insurance is the most expensive in the first year, and it will be balanced after 2-3 years. In addition, according to the local situation or frequent business trips or places that are not reassuring, we need to buy theft insurance, glass insurance;


The other natural insurance we recommend in 3 years after the car insurance and then pay, in addition to the water insurance, we are also based on the actual situation, the general area is not easy to be flooded, but if you want to rain often water surface, buy water insurance;


Choose the right type of car insurance, choose the right insurance, and then buy insurance when buying a car or insurance to do activities, enjoy affordable benefits, there are concessions one month before the annual insurance premium payment, you can advance insurance.

Matters needing attention

Everyone to maintain good driving habits, pay attention to safe driving is the most important.