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How to buy Japanese clothes online

2018-05-26 16:00:00

All kinds of foreign fashion clothing, but do not dare to buy, always thinking about quality problems? What should I do if I buy an expensive one and get ripped off? There are all kinds of postage pits!!! so, today I will teach you how to correctly buy overseas items with guaranteed quality and price online. Come and have a look.


There are three main ways of authentic overseas Amoy, the first one is the formal purchasing platform and the more famous Amoy Japan, these platforms to buy clothes and other items are not much of a problem, most of them are genuine, and after-sales is guaranteed. The only bad thing is that the goods must be more expensive than the original price.


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The third and most direct way to shop overseas. Buy directly abroad! Buy whatever you want at a bargain price. Ha-ha. And when returning to China, individuals can bring 5,000 RMB of duty-free goods. (But no after-sales service)

Matters needing attention

Generally, mailing from abroad is also relatively time-consuming, shipping: 1~ months or so economic SAL: 6-13 days or so fast air transport: 3-6 days or so the fastest and most expensive EMS:2-7 days or so